Cadillac Car Repair Specialist in Encino CA

Cadillac Specialist in Encino CA For over 40 years, we’ve been providing Cadillac Service and Auto Repairs for the Encino, CA Cadillac owners.  Many area residents have found our Cadillac independent garage to be more comfortable, more convenient and more affordable than the Cadillac Dealerships for auto repairs and service in and around Encino area..

Since the Cadillac Dealership in the Encino area has closed we’ve seen even more cadillac car owners bring their car to us for service.

Under-Warranty Cadillac Maintenance done here

You may not know that you DON’T have to bring your Cadillac into the dealership for your manufacturer required maintenance.  Because we are a well qualified automotive service center, and because we use qualified OEM or better parts for service, your under-warranty maintenance can be done here.

Specializing in Cadillac Repairs Encino, CA

For decades, High Octane Automotive has been known as the Cadillac Specialists in Encino, CA.  This is because of our experience, our equipment and specialized training in Cadillac Service.  Our Encino ASE Certified and ASE Master Technicians provide top-notch service for your Cadillac car or SUV.

We are General Motors Protection Plan authorized, which means that we can perform your extended warranty repairs the same as the dealer.