Auto Repairs using computer assistance resources that equal the dealerships

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Lots of people prefer to deal with their favorite independent auto repair shop rather than the dealership because of many reasons.

So, what makes High Octane Automotive a better choice than the dealership?

1. Under warranty maintenance can be done here

Did you know the only time you need to go back to the dealership is for under-warranty REPAIRS and for recalls.  This means that you have freedom of choice when it comes to your required maintenance.  Because we are a qualified auto repair shop using quality parts that equal or exceed the manufacturer’s requirements, we can perform your under-warranty maintenance.

2. We are faster and more convenient than the dealerships

So many of our customers love coming to our shop instead of the dealership because we’re simply quicker and easier to more convenient.  (Read more about our conveniences here).  We don’t have those long lines at check-in, we are easier to get in and out of our shop, and we get to know you, your preferences and your vehicles.

3. Talk to the people that know about your service

At the dealership, you pickup your car from the cashier who just has your paperwork and doesn’t really know anything about your car’s service.  When you have a question, though, who do you ask?

At High Octane Automotive, when you pickup your car, you speak with a qualified person that knows what was done and you can even speak with the service technician that performed the repairs.  We explain the work that was completed in easily understood language and take the time to answer your questions.

4.  Complimentary Shuttle Service, without the wait!

When most people think of a complimentary shuttle service at the dealerships, they are used to a shuttle van filled with a few customers that get shuttled all over and often takes 30 minutes or more of driving all over.

Not at our shop.  When you come in for your appointment, our shuttle driver will get you home or to the office right away, no waiting for the shuttle to arrive, and no driving all over with many other customers in tow.

Our shuttle service is much more personal and more responsive — without the wait!

5. Manufacturer’s (OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts or Better!

Many people wrongly think that only the dealership can provide the best service because they use the manufacturer’s parts.  However, at High Octane Automotive, we use only OEM, OEM equivalent, or BETTER than the manufacturer recommends.

This means you can depend on us to use the very best parts that meets or exceeds your car manufacturer’s recommendations.

6. We Are More Affordable

Most people have figured out over the years that dealerships are usually more expensive than independent auto repair shops like ours.  We simply don’t have the overhead and costs that dealerships have and that saves both of us money.  We also have the luxury of a broader selection of part vendors and that extra competition helps drive down on the price of the parts we use.  But, don’t worry about the quality — we NEVER choose the cheap junk. We only choose quality parts that give us and you complete confidence.