We provide fleet services for your organizations fleet of vehicles.When your company or organization depends on your fleet of vehicles, you can depend on High Octane Automotive for fleet services.  We provide fleet maintenance and repairs for numerous organizations throughout this part of the San Fernando Valley.

Why Choose us for as your auto repair company for your fleet of vehicles?

  • Highly Qualified: We are one of only a small handful of the State’s ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognized Establishments.  This recognition comes as a result to our commitment to training and certification of our automotive service professionals on staff.  We have a large staff of ASE Certified and ASE Master Service Technicians.
  • We make it easier for you.  We know that regular maintenance is vitally important to untimely breakdowns with your fleet.  That’s why we offer maintenance reminders and schedule pickups and deliveries for you too.
  • Secure lock up at night:  We have a heavy emphasis on same day service, however sometimes your vehicle may need to spend the night here at our shop.  We have a secure area that helps protect your vehicle’s contents from malicious wrong-doers.
  • Convenient Billing Options:  We try to keep the billing as easy as possible for you.  We offer some billing options that make it easier for you.